Zach Barr is a writer, director, and musician originally from Redmond, WA. He began participating in theatre around the age of eight, and has never really left since. He began writing theatre criticism sometime in late elementary school, for himself, when he saw a production at Seattle Children’s Theatre that he did not particularly like (no, I can’t remember which one) and had to explain why. Since then, he has had a hard time staying quiet. He also ran the site Zach Barr Reviews for a time, reviewing everything from movies to restaurants. He began writing theatre criticism at Northwestern at the end of his freshman year, and joined Scene+Heard the following year. What happened since then can be found on the About page.

In addition to the theatre criticism, Zach has directed at Otherworld Theatre Company, The Agency Theatre Collective, Northwestern University, and Studio East (Kirkland, WA). His play Firepit Henry V will receive a reading at the Prop Thtr in February, and he will be the ASM for Kokandy Productions’ Grand Hotel in the spring. He is asexual and lives in uptown Chicago.


Gwyneth “Gwen” Holloway is from Schaumburg, IL, and grew up attending and loving Chicago’s theatre scene. Over time, she developed a strong discerning eye for what she liked to see onstage, and how to describe what she liked about it. At Northwestern, she majored in theatre and was a strong player in student theatre scene. She will always advocate that theatre is an art, and should be discussed as such. She now lives in Chicago and sometimes escorts her younger sister Hazel to the theatre.


Eleanor Varma was originally born just east of Seattle, but has lived in multiple locations around the country as her mom changed jobs. She began a blog as a way to keep her friends updated when she left for another town, and quickly gained a talent for writing. Since then, she contributed to her high school newspaper and then moved on to more creative writing. Now she freelances while working her numbing day job – but trips to the theatre with Gwen and Dania help.


Dania Kassar hails from Multan, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Her father was a patron of the arts for the city, and she attended many theatre, music, and dance productions while there. While she loves dance dearly, she never tried to do it herself – she was wired for math and science, and earned her way to college on a biology scholarship. Now in Chicago and still acclimating to the new cultural scene, she gladly attends whatever productions Gwen or Eleanor bring to her attention (while keeping an eye on the dance scene).