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The Hanslick Girls

"Three is company, safe and cheery" -Stephen Sondheim

The Space Race: Adjoa Andoh’s Audiobook of Ann Leckie’s “Provenance”

It was when she turned her phone on at intermission that Gwen first saw the text message from Eleanor:

We need to talk about the audiobook you recommended

Gwen was at first excited. It had only been a day or two since she had told Eleanor and Dania to check out the audiobook of Ann Leckie’s Provenance. The book, a spiritual successor to her earlier “Imperial Radch trilogy” set in the same universe, had captured Gwen’s attention after she plowed through the trilogy during the break. Unable to take the time to sit down and focus on the book like she had with the first three, she had bought the audiobook – recorded by British actress Adjoa Andoh.

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Rooted In Truth: Shen Yun Performing Arts’ “Shen Yun 2018”

“Intermission!” cried the emcee, the first English she had spoken during her appearances between the pieces so far. As she and her English translating counterpart shuffled off the stage, the lights rose in the theatre.

Gwen, for her part, immediately grabbed her program, pulling it open to the lyrics of the song that had closed out the act. Performed by a tenor who strained for his highest notes, the song “Heaven Awaits” was a bel canto aria composed by the production’s artistic director, D.F.

“What do you think D.F. stands for?” Dania said, pointing to the leader’s name in the program. His headshot, adorning the title page, obscured his eyes behind dark, tinted glasses.

“Falun Dafa?” Eleanor suggested. “Maybe it’s a fake name.”

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No Man Is An Island: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Facing Future”

“Why did you buy a ukulele if you couldn’t play it?”

“I’ve always wanted to learn,” Gwen admitted, shifting to the much easier C chord. “It was only $20, it was on sale. It’s not the world’s best ukulele ––”

She shifted into F, followed by A-minor, but the latter chord had a rogue note stuck into it. Gwen held out the uke to observe her fingers.

“I see that” Eleanor commented.

“That was me,” Gwen said, referring to the note. “Maybe if I can curve my thumb around under the neck…”

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Ball Is Life: The Décor of Buffalo Wild Wings

“Why is everyone wearing the number 82?” Dania asked, as a waitress with a knotted-up jersey passed by their table.

“It’s the year it was founded. See?” Eleanor held up her menu, where the number was printed again, with the word “SINCE” imprinted into the bottom of the 2.

“Huh.” Dania looked back at the waiters. On one of them, walking towards their table, she could see the words “B-DUBS” printed across the chest, just above the number.

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