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Old Masters: Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” with Pauline Kael

“Oh, it was the sled.”

“You didn’t know that?”

“I’ve never seen it!”

Gwen glared towards Dania, dimly lit in the glow of the screen. It had been a while since they’d seen a movie in the theater together––conversation flowed more naturally in front of Gwen’s laptop. But, with Citizen Kane screening in 70mm locally, the trio had received an invitation from an unexpected collaborator.

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AUDIO TOUR: The Hanslick Girls Review The Thorne Miniature Rooms

On February 16, 2015, the Hanslick Girls debut in their very first review, of Vertigo Productions’ The Alligators, at Northwestern. Now, to celebrate their five-year anniversary, they’re leaving the page and traveling out into the real world!

Below you will find a recorded audio tour of the Thorne Miniature Rooms, a permanent exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. To hear the review, you can download the audio file below, and listen to the tour in real time as you walk through the gallery. The recorded voices of Gwen, Eleanor, and Dania will lead you through a sampling of twelve rooms, discussing it as they would any other work of art.

For best results, press play on the audio tour just as you begin walking down the staircase, or taking the elevator, to the basement level.



Kelsey McGrath as Gwen

Destiny Strothers as Eleanor

Janette Angelini as Dania


Recorded November 6, 2019, at Mystery Street Recording Studio in Chicago, IL, Geramie Cauley serving as Sound Engineer and Editor.

Guitar interludes are edited from the album Elements by Aitua, used in accordance with Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licensing.

This recording was made independently and without the participation of the Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC, or any other subsidiary.



(If Google Docs gives you a pop-up about being unable to scan for viruses, that’s due to the size of the file. I promise, The Hanslick Girls is a malware-free site)


Enjoy the Thorne Miniature Rooms! And thanks for five years of the Hanslick Girls!


Image Source: The Art Institute of Chicago

Those Who Stray: Nina Paley’s “Sita Sings The Blues”

One of the most enduring images during the film’s opening credits had been Sita, rendered in the film’s simplified flash animation, massaging the feet of her husband, Rama. In the final shot of the film, the image returned, but the roles had been reversed. As Rama massaged his wife’s feet, Sita offered a knowing wink to camera, and the film cut to credits: Directed by Nina Paley.

“That’s it?” asked Eleanor, sitting up straighter as the credits rolled by, accompanied by sitar punk. “That’s the entire movie?”

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