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The Hanslick Girls

"Three is company, safe and cheery" -Stephen Sondheim

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The Cover Is Not The Book: Disney and Rob Marshall’s “Mary Poppins Returns”

As they walked out of the theatre, Hazel was still humming the repetitive melody to “Trip A Little Light Fantastic,” her feet tapping along like the dancers in the film. Her wide grin was a contrast to the more stoic, contemplative look her older sister held as they returned to the parking lot.

“What did you think of the movie, Hazel?” Gwen prompted.

“I loved it!” Hazel shouted. Gwen put a finger to her lips, and Hazel’s head dropped slightly. “Oops,” she whispered. “Sorry.”

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Appropriate Moves: Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

“Ten years?”

Eleanor had gotten used to the dread that came with each notification on her phone –– keeping up with the news had drained her, but out of a maligned sense of civic responsibility, she continued to do so. Of course, every now and then, the clouds parted and gave her respite to discuss something more enjoyable.

“Ten years since what?” Gwen asked.

“This music video is ten years old now!”

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Rooted In Truth: Shen Yun Performing Arts’ “Shen Yun 2018”

“Intermission!” cried the emcee, the first English she had spoken during her appearances between the pieces so far. As she and her English translating counterpart shuffled off the stage, the lights rose in the theatre.

Gwen, for her part, immediately grabbed her program, pulling it open to the lyrics of the song that had closed out the act. Performed by a tenor who strained for his highest notes, the song “Heaven Awaits” was a bel canto aria composed by the production’s artistic director, D.F.

“What do you think D.F. stands for?” Dania said, pointing to the leader’s name in the program. His headshot, adorning the title page, obscured his eyes behind dark, tinted glasses.

“Falun Dafa?” Eleanor suggested. “Maybe it’s a fake name.”

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Join The Canon: Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas”

Meet the Hanslick Girls: Gwen, Eleanor and Dania. Created by writer Zach Barr, they are a trio of friends who are always out experiencing the best of entertainment. Be it plays, films, concerts, exhibits, or games, they’ve learned that the arts are best when experienced together. They may not have the same opinions, but their conversations tend to make for an entertaining read. This week, the Girls discuss a classic Christmas chart-topper from 1994…and the rest of the CD it came with. Let’s hear what they had to say…


Gwen was about to give herself the week off. She had been hitting the ground running for the coming year – sending out résumés, booking interviews, trying to nail down the chaotic schedule of a working theatre artist in Chicago. But that break didn’t start until the 20th of December – before then, she was still working hard, writing out cover letters as Christmas music played softly from her speakers.

The relative calm was suddenly broken by a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Dania emerged, wearing a thick winter sweater.

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