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Foundling Mothers: Kerry James Marshall’s “Rushmore”

“My instincts tell me to stay indoors, is all,” said Gwen, swerving away from another stranger on the street, who wore no mask. “It’s better to be outside anyway,” Eleanor said, pulling Gwen closer to her. “It spreads more easily in an enclosed space.” Eleanor still looked with hesitancy at the other pedestrians on West […]

Taking It With You: Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery

The first grave visible from the entrance, straight up the main pathway, was an obelisk of at least fifteen feet. Standing atop it, in a patch of sky between two trees, was a statue of a woman with a cross clutched close to the chest.


“Does that say ‘Villains?'” Eleanor asked. She squinted, attempting to read the name at the base.

“It’s ‘Williams,'” Gwen corrected. “You should start wearing your glasses regularly.”

“I know, I know,” Eleanor said. “I just don’t want to keep carrying them around.”

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Smash The Heart: Free Street Theater’s “Meet Juan(ito) Doe”

Meet the Hanslick Girls: Gwen, Eleanor and Dania. Created by writer Zach Barr, they are a trio of friends who are always out experiencing the best of entertainment. Be it plays, films, concerts, exhibits, or games, they’ve learned that the arts are best when experienced together. They may not have the same opinions, but their conversations tend to make for an entertaining read. Today, the girls take in the newest play by the oldest social justice theatre troupe in Chicago. Let’s listen in on their conversation…


“But what if a pedestrian comes by?” asked Dania, glancing towards the window of the storyfront.

“They did, did you not notice?” Eleanor said. “There was this one guy, he was looking in through the window during the graffiti scene, trying to figure out what was happening. That’s kinda what happens in a storefront like this.”

Storyfront,” Gwen added, insistently. “A name as clever as it is a terrible pun.”

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