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Cracking A Tradition: Mark Morris Dance Group’s “The Hard Nut”

Meet the Hanslick Girls: Gwen, Eleanor and Dania. Created by writer Zach Barr, they are a trio of friends who are always out experiencing the best of entertainment. Be it plays, films, concerts, exhibits, or games, they’ve learned that the arts are best when experienced together. They may not have the same opinions, but their conversations tend to make for an entertaining read. Recently, the Girls discussed a vibrant and off-the-wall re-imagining of a classic piece of holiday entertainment. Let’s listen in on the conversation…


“Well, it’s certainly not The Nutcracker.”

Dania figured this was still fine to say within 100 yards of the theater. Rather than a subjective opinion, it seemed like a provable fact.

Eleanor pushed her program into her bag. “I mean, it’s pretty close.”

“How is this close to The Nutcracker?”

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