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AUDIO TOUR: The Hanslick Girls Review The Thorne Miniature Rooms

On February 16, 2015, the Hanslick Girls debut in their very first review, of Vertigo Productions’ The Alligators, at Northwestern. Now, to celebrate their five-year anniversary, they’re leaving the page and traveling out into the real world! Below you will find a recorded audio tour of the Thorne Miniature Rooms, a permanent exhibit at the […]

Sinking Our Teeth In: Vertigo Productions’ “The Alligators”

—Originally published February 16, 2015—

Meet the Hanslick Girls: Gwen, Eleanor and Dania. Created by writer Zach Barr, they are a trio of Northwestern students who always go to see plays together. They may not have the same opinions, but their conversations tend to make for an entertaining read. Recently, the Girls saw “The Alligators,” a new play by A.J. Roy presented by Vertigo Productions. Let’s hear what they had to say on their way back from the theater…


“I thought the second act was weird!” said Eleanor, putting her coat back on.


“I mean, the program lists the second act as only ‘feverish lyricism,’” Gwen responded, pulling on a beanie. “Only the third act goes to full absurdism.”

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